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Gliderpilot Instructor Groundschool


Over the last 25 years, I have been an active glider pilot instructor, and have conducted many student and instructor training courses.

This material is intended as an introduction to a Gliderpilot Instructor ground school or as a review for those currently instructing. While teaching people how to fly can be done by just studying flight training exercises from a flight training curriculum, I think it is important to understand why such time tested techniques work. There are always variations on the standard lesson plans and it is useful to understand how to apply basic flight training techniques to new situations.

While a fair amount of background information is presented, the reality is that it will not be necessary to remember it all every time you are with a student, as it distills down to a few fundamental principles. Once you understand these principles, teaching people how to fly is a straightforward process.  Shown above is Charles Petersen using the advanced hand technique with his student.

This material is also available in text form and has an accompanying flightline guide for students. 

Paul Moggach