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New Members

First of all we would like to welcome you to York Soaring Association. As a new member you will probably wonder what is involved in being a member and you will likely have some questions about how we operate and what is expected of you. This information is intended to answer the most common questions new members have and should help you get into the swing of things as quickly as possible.

The first and perhaps the most important message we would like to convey to you is that the club is run totally by its members. Everything that takes place to keep the club operating must be done by club members. This includes taking the aircraft out of the hangar in the morning and putting them away when flying is over; moving aircraft on the field; launching, time-keeping; instructing, towing, etc. As a new member you are not expected to take on any tasks that you have not been taught, but you are expected to learn what to do as quickly as possible, and this means participating. Do not just sit around waiting for your flight while others do the work – get involved. This will speed up your learning process and help you get to know other club members. It is a truism that the more you put into the club the more you will get out of it.