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Line Chief Course

Along with the Chief Flying Instructor, the Line Chief is responsible for all aspects of the flight line, and has the authority to direct activities to ensure safe operations. These duties include:
  1. Verification of pilot qualifications to fly.
  2. Implementation of a flight list including the assignment of aircraft and their order of launch.
  3. Organization of the flight line including the retrieval of aircraft and positioning for launch.
  4. Selection of the active runway and circuit to be flown.
  5. Selection of club aircraft to be used and general determination of their serviceability.
  6. Initiation of any special operating procedures as required to meet prevailing operating conditions (e.g. High winds - special ground handling may be required).
  7. Allocation of instructor and introductory pilots.

The Line Chief also has the authority to prevent any aircraft whether club or privately owned from being flown or brought on to the active flying area. Any vehicles or pieces of equipment may be removed from the flying area at his discretion (e.g. tow cars, trailers etc.) Tow vehicles in particular should be returned to the parking lot or the tie down area after the glider has been moved to the flight line area. The Line Chief may further, limit or withdraw the flying privileges of specific or general classes of pilots should changes in the weather, inattention to rules, poor flying habits, or outstanding debts warrant it. For tow pilots it is important to note that their services are directed by the Line Chief and not at the requests of individual pilots. While the Line Chief has certain responsibilities, all members may initiate activities that their experience shows them will promote a safe flying operation (e.g. securing aircraft in high winds).